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ThumbnailOptimal Athlete Performance - The KSI Way, Syd 12 Feb 2013
Description: This evening seminar provides an insight into the KSI way to creating optimal athlete performance. Aimed at the end user - competitive and non-competitive athletes - those who are seeking to improve how they train and compete.
(2 hr live seminar footage)
Non-KSI Coaching Program can order Part 1 only, KSI Coaching Program students can order all 2 parts. Electronically delivered.
Product ID: KSIEVIDATH120213   Category: E-Videos  Price:  $47 or $97.00 USD


7 Key KSI Strategies for Athletic Success (e-video) Brisbane, AUS, Thu 25 Jul 2013
Learn key strategies used by KSI to achieve optimal athlete performance. Hear the experiences of this from a KSI athlete, London Olympic Gold Medalist Tate Smith. Presented by KSI Founder Ian King, supported by KSI Coach Mitchell Kochonda. (2 hr live seminar footage)
Product ID: KSIEVID20137KSI    Category: E-Videos    Price:  $97.00 USD   


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