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Barbells & Bullshit
Description: This audio program contains approximately seven hours of audio and was recorded live from the KSI 2009 6th Annual Training Camp. It was produced uncut and uncensored. This programs aims to challenge how you learn, why you think what you think, and why you do what you do in physical preparation.  This program could save you from a path that is failing to fulfill you personally and / or professionally.  WARNING - this program really is live, un-cut and un-censored. Not for the sensitive or faint hearted.
Product ID: KSIAUD0901    Category: Audio CDs
Price:  $197.00 USD

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Interview with Ian King
Description: This 47 minute interview was conducted on a US radio station, and covers many different topics and Ian's perspectives on them. This interview is a whirlwind of topics and you will gain many valuable insights into training and Ian King's philosophies on physical preparation.
Product ID: KSICD01    Category: Audio CDs
Price:  $9.95 USDs

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