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KSI University

Teaching a balanced and holistic way of training

since 1999

Your KSI Coaching Program journey starts here, with the Level 1 Course.
Listen to a chat with a personal trainer who has completed the KSI L1
KSI Coaching Program Level 1
The KSI Level 1 'Legacy' Course is the first of seven levels in the KSI Coaching Program. The Level 1 Course is delivered electronically, allowing anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connect to participate. The course is completed at your own pace, and we typically see it completed in three to six months. There are approximately 37 units in total, and the course is delivered in three formats - text, audio and video.

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KSI Level 2 - Foundations Theory Course
Description: The KSI Level 2 - Foundations of Physical Preparation Course - is a 15+ unit online course that providing you with the structural framework upon which to build your mastering of KSI way. This course has been offered continuously since 1999, and despite certain attempts to copy content from this course, remains the premiere correspondence applied theory course in the world. Delivery is supported by text, video, audio and unit quizzes. You set your pace - this course is typically completed in six months or less. Prior completion of the L1 Course is a pre-requisite.

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KSI Level 3 - Art of Coaching Course
Description: The KSI Level 3 - Art of Coaching - is a two day attendance course like no other.  You will be exposed to coaching in the true sense of the word at a level you will never have seen in your life. You will gain complete awareness of your current coaching ability upon entry, the areas you need to work on, and be given the tools to do this. Coaching is not something you can copy or fake - so while you may see Ian's concepts published elsewhere, no-one can teach you the art of coaching like KSI can!

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Advanced Principles & Exercise - Tufts University
This course is available only to those student enrolled in this course at Tufts University.
Product ID: KSICOU006-Tufts    Category: Course


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