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Q. Do you offer a private or small group internship?

A. We assume you mean 'internship' in the standard deal, where you fly in for a week, pay x amount of money to be a fly the wall in our facility, and maybe paint the weights or assemble some equipment between appointments. Then you go home and tick that off your bucket list. No, we don't do that.  We offer  a long term program aimed at giving you progressive opportunity to decide if you want to master the KSI way or not, to people who are genuinely committed to serving the world through KSI.

Q. I'm trying to figure out what you offer in coach education - could you make it easier to understand"

A. Yeah, sorry about that. Let us give you some background.  We started out a bit more like what is now mainstream, however we quickly concluded it didn't attract the right people for the right reasons, and we moved on. So in the late 1980s we let people come and watch us work. In fact, we didn't even charge for that.  but all it did was create people who took our stuff and ran with it. So we moved on.

By the late 1990s we thought that if we gave people program design experience through correspondence exposure. But all that resulted in was a rash of books that contained that program [1] (and everything we published in a carte blache way! [2]) published by people with no real success in coaching but extremely good at marketing and telling stories about why they though they had the right to breach copyright.

So we introduced the original physical prep educational 'Boot Camp', but that concept (and what we taught) was copied pretty quickly! (3)

So we introduced the industries first Mentoring program. Now that concept got copied quickly also (initially by the same suspects) however by then we had learnt to keep our content under wraps. So we continue to run the Mentoring program, despite now that every physical prep coach and his dog do the same thing. Because they don't have a chance of teaching what we teach.

You see, we take our student coaches live with multiple sports at various levels in  a range of countries - but you don't get to play with us until you qualify yourself through the ranks. So for those who belief in instant gratification and used to the 'usual way' - where you put up a few grand and we do show and tell with you for 5 days - we understand you might get a bit frustrated by our approach. Because to get in deep and be exposed to our new and high end stuff, you have to come through our levels system.

Now we want to be real straight with you - it may mean delayed gratification but it also means this - you will get to learn the original material from the original innovators. if we were as naive and as trusting as we used to be, you would be continuously learning our new innovations from some 'coach' (who failed at coaching) at some over-priced b-s knock-off course, in places like California. While we understand there are some that think receiving stolen info is more than adequate and even okay, when you are being taught be imitators that can't competently apply the material in the way intended, it significantly undermines the value of the learning. In other words if you are going to be taught by a shonk, you may be better not being taught at all.

So we could apologize for you having to start at Level 1 and and go through the levels, but no-one in our high end coaching programs is complaining about that or what they are learning! So GET STARTED at Level 1! If you are serious and right for this program, you will get to see it all when you are ready! And it will change your coaching ability in a way that you could not imagine right now.

Q. How do I get started in the KSI Coaching Program?

A. You start with Level 1. Click here to get started.

Q. Do I have to travel to attend a course?

A. Not initially. The Level 1 and 2 courses are all done through the internet.

Q. Do I need other resources e.g. books to complete the courses?

A. Level 1 and 2 are self-sufficient i.e. all course material is provided. We do of course encourage you to build your KSI library, however it is not a requirement for the first two levels.

Q. Are there any pre-requisites to starting in the Level 1 course?

A. No.

Q. Are there any pre-requisites for entering the Level 2 and higher courses?

A. Yes - completing the prior levels.

Q. Do I need to have other qualifications or experience?

A. No. However we do recommend you gain industry recognized qualifications. This makes it easier to do business. As for experience, we certainly recommend you commence gaining it if you have none.

Q. I've been in the industry for a long time - why should I have to do your Level 1 program?'

A. You  don't. You can keep doing whatever it is you  are doing. However if you wish to commence the journey to either kick our tires or seek mastering of the KSI way at whatever level you choose, you will need to start at Level 1.

Q. Are your courses accredited?

A. No. We provide education, not accreditation.

Q. How many levels does your coaching education program go up to?

A. A few more than you might realize. You'll learn the answer to that question when you need to know. Suffice to say, coaches have studied continuously in our program for over a decade and are still there, exciting and learning new things, become even more competent as coaches, and making a greate4r impact in the lives of their clients.

Q. There are a lot of people now offering courses. How does your program compare to other coaching education or certification program from other service providers?

A. It doesn't. We teach the art of coaching, based on our own original methods proven over decades to successful to the highest levels of sporting endeavor.  So there's nothing to compare it to. 

Q. I'm not sure which of the courses on offer around the world to do. Can you help me make that decision?

A., The only advice we can give you is to go with what you believe you should do. You can look back later and reflect on the wisdom of your decision. It will be a great learning lessons. Some lessons just cost more in time, money and heart-ache than others.

Q. Do you know if there are any people in my country doing your course?

A. Probably.

Q. What will I get out of doing your courses?

A. That depends. On how you use the information, and how high up the levels you go.

Q. What do most of your upper end coaches achieve?

A. What we have found since first offering our course by correspondence via the internet in 1999 is that the longer people stay in our program the closer they get to their goals. For example if your goals were to have a predominantly athlete client base, you would be on track to achieve that. This is what our upper end coaches have.

Q.  Are you courses expensive?

A. Depends on how you define expensive. What we can tell you is that there are lower cost and higher cost options available. What we can also tell you is we are amazed at how much people are happy to spend learning our material from others....Relative to the value you stand to receive being part of the KSI U, we believe we offer the best value in the market place. But of course we are biased. Put it another way - what you learn from us will repay you for life in client fees. We are not sure if this could be said about the more trend-based educational offerings....

Q. How far along your educational path do most go?

A. That's up to the individual. The great thing about having levels is you can start out with the first level, and if you don't believe it was what you were after, you can stop there. Alternatively, if you liked what you experienced, you can continue. We have coaches who have been studying with us for over a decade in the KSI U. If we were faking it, or if we were providing misleading information about our material, or the source of our material, or what we have achieved in coaching athletes to success - they would have discovered it and moved on - as occurs in most situations we have observed.

Q. What if I start the Level 1 and don't like it?

A. If you reach that conclusion within the first 30 days we will refund you 100%. We only want to work with happy people and if that is not what our courses give you, we want you to move on.

Q. Where do I go to get started?

You can go here to get started in the Level 1 right now. Or you can go hear if you feel you still need 'more information'.

[1] An example of KSI programs published without permission for the personal gain of certain individuals who had no right to publish the program, let alone claim it as their own.

[2] An example of carte blanche plagiarism publishing

[3] An example of knock off courses & content

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