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Learn how to train athletes in any sport, any level, any age, either gender, and in any country or culture!
The Top 10 Frustrations Facing Physical Preparation Coaches - and how to overcome or avoid them!
The most common goal I have heard speaking with prospective and practicing physical preparation coaches around the world is the desire to break into successful training of athletes. At the same time most are struggling to break into this field. And for those that have, there are more frustrations awaiting!
Here's the Top 10 Frustrations Facing Physical Preparation Coaches.  The good news is we have successfully taught thousands during the last three decades exactly how they can overcome or avoid these hurdles.  Here they are...

#1 - I can't get any clients!


For those starting out in the industry this is the most common limiting factor - no clients.  It goes like this..."I need to get experience so I can get clients, but I need to get clients to get experience!"


#2 - I can't get enough clients!


The majority of physical preparation coaches report that they don't have enough clients, which means that don't get enough contact or billable hours. Makes it tough to pay the bills...


#3 - I can't get athlete clients!


Once you have general population clients it's a big leap for most to get athlete clients. So many quit before they achieve a breakthrough. Here's an example of an email I received from a former student who ended up quitting his goal to train athletes and went back to being a personal trainer:

" is easier for you with an established record to attract new clients than it is for an "outsider" like me to break just seems to be sports teams/organizations in general that I can't break into ..."


#4 - I don't earn as much money as I would like to!


Once clients are achieved the greatest challenge then is to raise to an hourly rate that keeps you above the poverty line, where most are sitting.  Even with full time work, the enumeration compared to other professionals is incredibly low. For example according to another US Source (2), the job website 'Simply Hired', the average annual salary for strength and conditioning coaches in 2013 was $37,000,,,, (


#5 - I can't attract any high level athletes!

Once a physical preparation coach begins to attract athletes, they then find the jump to high performance athletes a similarly large step as it was to gain athletes in the first place.


#6 - I'm stereotyped in one part of physical preparation!


The tradition of strength coach, where a person is responsible only or primarily for developing the strength qualities, often has physical preparation pigeon-holed or stereotyped in that role, where at some stage in their career they may seek to or realize the benefits of being able to coach the other physical qualities.


#7 - I haven't had any success leading athletes to win medals and championships!


Once the coach breaks into training athletes, especially high performance athletes, there is an expectation and pressure for success. With the exception of those who are simply happy to be involved, the failure to achieve any success or consistent success with athletes often becomes a source of frustration.


#8 - It's tough to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys!


Working with people such as other support staff that you don't choose to work with can be tough, especially if the direction or competence varies between all involved. This is a frustration that can grow the longer you work in this environment.


#9 - I never get to spend time with my family!


At some point of their career even the physical preparation coach who is successfully training high level athletes may have a family of their own, which typically results in the frustration of not being able to spend enough quality time with the family, especially where young kids are involved.


#10 - I worried about my future because I only have a contract for another x years.

Often the thrill of gaining particular employment with a sporting team or organization begins to wear off as the realization that the work and income is not guaranteed long term. In fact, the longevity of it may be totally in someone else's hands.

I purchased the Legacy course last year and progressed through it. The single best course I have purchased as a Track and Field, Strength and American football coach; EVER.  I implemented your theories and practices (as best I could) immediately...suffice to say I have two athletes who broke school records and one who broke a State record in her event. Talk to you soon.  
--Mike, USA
Legacy course is so far the best investment I've made along with downloading Ian's London seminar. Realizing finally that having one's own opinion is not only ok, it's downright essential!  I keep hearing the words 'what do YOU think?' buzzing in my head!
--Andrew, New Zealand
In summary, most in physical preparation work for below average wages with clients they don't enjoy and at times and places they don't choose, and if they ever hoped of training athletes, they slowly let go of that dream.  And after a few years or so they don't enjoy waking up to their 'occupation' and slowly drift off to 'safer' grounds or non-related fields.

It doesn't have to be that way. Why do I believe this? Because I have helped others in physical preparation achieve this kind of success. This guidance goes beyond sets and reps, although we do a pretty good job of providing the training concepts that changes the world.

For example, here's 10 of my original concepts that have changed the way the world trains:

  • Lines of Movement: Until I shared this concept in 1998, no one had gone beyond pulling and pushing thinking. The addition of horizontal and vertical for the upper body, and quad and hip dominant for the lower body was taught for the first time by myself in 1998 - and look what's happened since.

  • Speed of movement: Before releasing my three digit timing system during the 1990s there was zero awareness of things such as manipulating the pause time between the eccentric and concentric phase. Another concept that is now universally applied.

  • Unique uni-lateral bodyweight strength exercises: When I released my unique and original uni-lateral bodyweight strength exercises, integrated into conventional strength training, the world laughed. Within a few years it spawned a whole new functional movement 'trend'.

  • Balance in strength training: There was talk about balanced programs but that became far more quantitative when I taught how I used my lines of movement system to analyze a program.

  • Prioritization of training: Anther concept that was loosely used in bodybuilding circles until I taught the specific role of sequence, volume and load potential, combined with lines of movement, to fully analyze and understand the impact of past and future training program.

  • Control drills: Two to exercises done at the start of a strength workout to selectively recruit (activate) target muscles was an insurance policy and muscle balancing concept I developed and introduced in the 1990s. Like the rest, it was first mocked, then taught enmasse.

  • Periodization: It's just planning! I took what was being taught as a complex concept and taught it in a simple way - telling you it's juat another way of saying 'planning'.

  • Aerobic training over-rated: I was the first to put pen to paper and openly criticize what I called the myth of the aerobic-base - didn't I cop some flak for that! But within a decade it was hip criticize it.

  • Reverse periodization: A concept that I applied to endurance and speed, which at the time was heretical, was the option of starting with low volume and raising the intensity before the volume. Charlie Francis was my parallel mind on the track, and what a legacy he left.

  • Over-reaction and under-reaction: Which ties into my saying 'Humans over-react in the short term and under-react in the long term'. This and other sayings again shaped the thinking of the training world.

Thank you for the opportunity to be exposed to some of innovations and philosophies you have developed over the last 30 years. Even though I’ve just completed level one of the program I took a great deal from the course as I have only been in the industry for a year now. Studying the units then seeing on a daily basis the crap that goes on in the industry it is easy to see how people become brain washed and mislead with the content that is available.
I really appreciate your efforts with the Legacy Course and look forward to being involved with the further levels.
--Daniel, Australia
So happy that my path has led me to here, really enjoyed every aspect of the course and look forward to learning and understanding more, not only about the methods and philosophies of KSI but also about myself and own development through it.
--Jason, Canada

Go to the source to learn their original intent! If you are going to use them, why not learn how they were meant to be used!

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PS. You'll find solutions to these frustrations in the FREE Reports!

t's been almost a year since I joined KSI Coach Education program. And it's been quite a journey. In the last eleven months I received a huge amount of knowledge that now sets me miles apart from any of my colleagues here, I am now well able to make a big difference in the lives of my clients. Not that this makes me arrogant, I got educated not only in the field of physical preparation, but much wider, in how to be a well rounded person. This is one thing that I value above the rest, the KSI course has given me a perspective, an indication where (and why) I'm now, and where I should be going from here, professionally, personally and financially. All I can say is, thank you, to Ian, Mike and the whole KSI Team.
--Igor, Ireland

What a valuable learning experience the legacy course has been! I'll be revisiting this content for a while yet to begin to truly internalize and maximize the return and leverage of the material. In respect to all of your years of lessons learnt in Physical Development you provide with this course, it would be my loss if not attempting to achieve a higher level of awareness / appreciation of this work. As always with KSI, the integrity, gratitude, consistency, holism and innovation always shines through. Thanks again for all your help.

--Anthony, Aust

…best education I've undertaken in 15 years for it's simplicity and truth. Absolutely fantastic and what I've briefly seen of the forum it appears to be equally as useful. I've just had my eyes opened...but actually to how much I but to how much I ALREADY do know which is the opposite of every course I've done so far!!!
--Jason, UK
Outstanding course! I enjoyed seeing the development of the program units along with the forum interaction. Again, education material like no other. I truly appreciate your contributions to this industry that reach far beyond it
--Ryan, Canada
I always enjoy learning from highly accomplished coaches and with your 30+ years of training at the elite level, I can't think of anyone who can better teach it. You shared many powerful ideas in a way that just "made sense." I seemed to pick up new nuggets of wisdom with each re-read of a given unit. Everything about this course was 1st class. I'm grateful for the amount of effort you put into designing the course and tweaking the course as the units progressed (based off feedback) such that it best served those of us learning from it.
Any questions/comments that I had were promptly answered and if I had trouble accessing anything, the issues were quickly resolved. Thanks! I look forward to moving to Level 2 shortly!
--Sean, USA


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