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Teaching coaches how to coach and train other people has been a concurrent focus of KSI since its inception in 1986. During the 1980s Ian King wrote and delivered the first industry accreditation course in strength training offered to fitness professionals in Australia. During the 1990s Ian was involved in the design and delivery of the first 'strength & conditioning' certification courses offered to industry professionals in Australia. 

Taking advantage of the world wide web, in 1999 Ian developed and released the first offering in our KSI University program. It was one of the first courses available through the internet for industry professionals, based on his own experiences both in industry education as well as his successful personal professional experiences in training thousands of athletes. This first internet course was called the 'Foundations of Physical Preparation' course. The content from this original publication is as relevant now as it was then.

KSI University aims to provide accessible and flexible professional development for the physical preparation consultant based on a balanced presentation of all the physical qualities, in the absence of commercial, cultural or political influences, and in recognition of the global economy of the new millennium.

KSI University provides a flexible curriculum, one that allows you to proceed at your on pace. It also provides you the opportunity to commence this educational journey irrespective of where you live, as it commences with web-based teaching medium. If the student choose to advance further into the program, they also experience in-person, live learning environments as well as on-line electronic based learning.

KSI University was created to formalize the coach educational program that has evolved from Ian's professional and personal experiences both as a coach and coach educator. It is based on the belief that formal education for the physical preparation consultant is lacking in real-world, practical application content and experiences. It is not intended to replace formal education, rather to complement and supplement it. In many successful sporting environment of Eastern Europe coaches participated in two degrees - first, the formal education. The second degree being the more applied content. This second degree in practical application is missing in most countries in the world today. KSI University fills this gap.

The KSI Coaching Program teaches the art of coaching in a way no-one else can.  Industry professionals from around the globe are involved in the KSI Coaching Program.

You have also opened yourself up to the possibility of learning more about my philosophies and methods through the range of educational material we offer. And you have also opened yourself up to the opportunity that you may wish to join the coaches seeking to master my approach not simply for personal gain alone, but motivated also by the belief that the KSI way is the way to train and coach, and committed to being part of the growth of KSI.
--King, I., 2005, The Way of the Physical Preparation Coach, p. 202


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