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I just finished your DVDs and your books, and after working with every known person in this world, your books are the best! I highly recommend them to everybody - every trainer, lifter or athlete should have the collection.
--Eric Serrano, MD

I've just finished the legacy course and I wanted to tell you how much I valued it. To be honest, I don't know where to begin. I've looked on the forum and read some great testimonials, so I know I'm not alone in my appreciation.
I attended your London seminar earlier in the year. You asked a question along the lines of "write down 2 things you want to get out of today" - I put down 1 - how much do you do by 'science' and how much by instinct/through experience? I found the answer pretty quickly..! The legacy course really hit a note with me. Some because I feel the same, some because I've been guilty of it, some because it just makes sense.
I've read other stuff, none of which goes even near the legacy course, and I couldn't even tell you where that bullshit is. I have every unit of the legacy course printed off and in a folder - and I've never put anything in a folder in my life! Thanks for an incredible course. Looking forward to the next level.
 Best Regards & Much Respect,
Pete Lee, UK

Ian, first let me say, it is an honour to be part of this course. I am very excited to learn more. I also think, that the you-tube video and the audio book really add a great deal of value to the course, and is already exceeding a so called on-line university economics course, which I paid over 700.00 dollars for. Thanks!
--Thom, USA
Just watched the introduction video + the 1st unit of the Legacy course. Great information! And I really like the idea of combining audio, video and written material. Looking forward to the other units!
--David, Belgium
Hi Ian, Loving the material so far, these are great insights. My only review feedback so far is: brilliant! Keep it coming. I'd be keen to learn even more about the historical period and how you developed your methods (I also have Winning & Losing)!
--Brendan, NZ
I listened to the Welcome & Introduction MP3s thank you very much! Cannot wait to receive the rest of the chapters!
Ian, Intro is brilliant - "fun reading" was an understatement! Just as you said, even after studying your works for over a decade - there is so much here I have never seen before! Thank you!
--Mike, USA
I have also received and read the welcome letter and introduction file - fascinating to know about your background and history and inspiring to read as well.  Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to receiving the first unit. Regards,
--Carl, USA
I have also been studying your work on YouTube and reading a lot. I want to thank you for opening up my eyes and changing my life for the good.
--Andre, South Africa
I just finished the legacy unit 1 course and was thoroughly impressed!! Very well presented and lots of useful information. Ian has really done a lot for this industry.
--James, Australia
Did you Boot Camp in QLD about 10 years ago now at your place. Probably the best professional development I have ever done in the area of physical prep. I have pretty much all your professional development products. Thanks!
--Corey, Australia
I purchased the Legacy course last year and progressed through it. The single best course I have purchased as a Track and Field, Strength and American football coach; EVER.  I implemented your theories and practices (as best I could) immediately.  I will share the results with you come the end of our outdoor season in a few weeks, but suffice to say I have two athletes who broke school records and one who broke a State record in her event. Talk to you soon.  
--Mike, USA
I just wanted to comment on my subscription to the Legacy Course, it really is the best course I have seen up to date!  After my purchase of some of your products just recently I had noted that I was going to enrol in the course, just like I said- I did.  I've been cruising through some of the first chapters because I had been exposed to some of those concepts before via purchase of products or seminar attendance but starting with unit ten the material is getting really good!  All the material covered makes sense!!!  I also appreciate that the manner in which it is written in is simple for the common folk to be able to understand, not too wordy or full of scientific terms, I'm glad to see the K.I.S.S. principle applied! 
So to reiterate, I commend the Legacy Course for it being well put together, it is an excellent course! I look forward to taking the next step soon with the Foundations Course since I am eager to get a deeper understanding of the concepts.  How long after passing the Legacy can I enrol in the Foundations Course?
--Carlos, USA
Legacy course is so far the best investment I've made along with downloading Ian's London seminar. Realizing finally that having one's own opinion is not only ok, it's downright essential!  I keep hearing the words 'what do YOU think?' buzzing in my head!
--Jason, UK
What a valuable learning experience the legacy course has been! I'll be revisiting this content for a while yet to begin to truly internalize and maximize the return and leverage of the material. In respect to all of your years of lessons learnt in Physical Development you provide with this course, it would be my loss if not attempting to achieve a higher level of awareness / appreciation of this work. As always with KSI, the integrity, gratitude, consistency, holism and innovation always shines through. Thanks again for all your help.
--Anthony, Australia
Thank you for the opportunity to be exposed to some of innovations and philosophies you have developed over the last 30 years. Even though I’ve just completed level one of the program I took a great deal from the course as I have only been in the industry for a year now. Studying the units then seeing on a daily basis the shit that goes on in the industry it is easy to see how people become brain washed and mislead with the content that is available.
I really appreciate your efforts with the Legacy Course and look forward to being involved with the further levels.
--Daniel, Australia
Thanks for a great introductory course. Interesting, eye opening and revealing. In particular I have been thinking a lot about the concept of emptying ones cup, and learn from experience, observation and reflection. A concept I am familiar with from my martial arts background, but you have reinforced the importance and relevance of that. Looking forward to learning more!
…best education I've undertaken in 15 years for it's simplicity and truth. Absolutely fantastic and what I've briefly seen of the forum it appears to be equally as useful. I've just had my eyes opened...but actually to how much I but to how much I ALREADY do know which is the opposite of every course I've done so far!!!
--Jason, USA
So happy that my path has led me to here, really enjoyed every aspect of the course and look forward to learning and understanding more, not only about the methods and philosophies of KSI but also about myself and own development through it.
--Jason, UK
You call this an entry level course into "KSI" which just blows me away. Having been around and exposed to many of the top ‘gurus’ because of my job, I find your entry level course is so much more comprehensive that it would be like comparing grade school to pursuing ones' PHD. Thank you for your willingness to openly share so much real world information with those open to learn even after having been burned by some non-deserving folk before. I enjoyed the course and each unit felt like a teaser to the next leaving me wanting more at the conclusion.
--Joey, USA
This was a fantastic course and I received a lot of value! I can't wait to start level 2-very exciting to get more in depth with KSI's teachings.
--Rob, UK
Outstanding course! I enjoyed seeing the development of the program units along with the forum interaction. Again, education material like no other. I truly appreciate your contributions to this industry that reach far beyond it
--Ryan, Canada
This course has exceeded my expectations. For a level 1 course itself, I didn't expect it to have so much information and that's 30 units of it! While I am familiar with some of the information (having gone through level 2 and 3), there were stuff that were new to me and certainly opened up my mind. I have learnt a lot from KSI and there is much more to learn. There are info here you don't find anywhere else(unless being copied by someone else!) I definitely recommend this to any fitness enthusiast/coach/trainer of any level just for itself and also as a prerequisite for level 2.
--Carl C., Singapore
Congratulations on an amazing course, I have really enjoyed being a part of it.
--Carl S., Australia
I always enjoy learning from highly accomplished coaches and with your 30+ years of training at the elite level, I can't think of anyone who can better teach it. You shared many powerful ideas in a way that just "made sense." I seemed to pick up new nuggets of wisdom with each re-read of a given unit. Everything about this course was 1st class. I'm grateful for the amount of effort you put into designing the course and tweaking the course as the units progressed (based off feedback) such that it best served those of us learning from it.
Any questions/comments that I had were promptly answered and if I had trouble accessing anything, the issues were quickly resolved. Thanks! I look forward to moving to Level 2 shortly!
--Sean, USA
Very interesting reading on the intro. Modest, remembrance to Charles Francis, concise and a clear outline of the course. I enjoyed learning about your background and history and I really liked the notes . Great video, MP3 and unit 1. The written intro was my favorite part. It really set the tone for me. Thank you!
--Julius, USA
I am a corporate fitness trainer and I own my athletic training business. I owe much of my success in the field of fitness to your training principles and to the mentoring of my roommate. You have taught me to push the envelope, go against the grain, and be anything but traditional in both my personal and professional approach to fitness. I would just like to thank you for sharing your knowledge of strength and conditioning with myself and others as it has had a definitive impact on my life. Continue your hard work in the industry and know that it makes a difference to many of the people who follow you. Sincerely,
Ian, I have applied your methods for three years to my clients and have experienced greater and faster results than anything my $150 textbooks even began to approach.  Keep doing what your doing and don't conform to any mold or ideal that promises more money or fame.  This is what sets you apart.  God bless you!
Ian, as always you are ahead of the game. I have to tell you that all the things I have learned in the past few years from you have been instrumental in not only monetary gains through business, but my learning curve has jumped ahead by leaps and bounds. Because of the style that I train people in, due greatly to your influence, my client retention is at an all time high. I am so busy that people from other gyms are waiting for an opening to get in to train with me. I owe you a great deal of gratitude. Thanks so much for everything.
A few months ago I contacted you via e-mail, asking about your training courses seminars and/or certification programs. (I have attached my e-mail and your response).
At the time, your response was to start by buying and reading your books and videos. To be honest it did seem kind of awkward and I really didn't know what to think. (My guess was that people in Australia were kind of weird!) Still I told my brother to buy the books for me since he lives in the USA and its cheaper than ordering from Colombia (where I Live). On December I
received both the How to Write Strength Training Programs and the Get Buffed book.
What can I say, they're excellent, by far the best and most complete books on the subject of strength training I've ever read. I don't even look at my other training books any more!
--Juan José Tobar

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