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Get Buffed! Course
Description: The Get Buffed! Course is a 12 unit course for those who take their getting bigger, stronger and or leaner seriously - and wish to study it more in-depth.  It combines original with new, previously unpublished content. The course is delivered via text, audio, video and quizzes, and includes the Learning Support Tools (LST*) valued far greater than the amount you pay! You set your pace - this course is typically completed in three months or less.
* Including Learning Support Tools (LST) of:
* KSI Bronze Membership (Valued at $197/yr)
* Get Buffed! E-Video Library (valued at over $1,000)
* The Get Buffed! Course Forum (valued at $147/yr)
           (LST Charged at $9.97/month)
Here's a list of some of the e-videos you will have unlimited access to view:
* What you wish you were told before you started on your Get Buffed! journey!
* Get Buffed! in Dublin 2012
* Lines of movement
* Concepts that have changed the way the world trains
* Nutritional strategies of elite athletes
* Ian King's Killer Leg Exercises
Product ID: GBCOU001    Category: Course Price:  $147 USD + LST at $9.97/month

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