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Thumbnail_2_b1876667_v1Ian King's Guide to Individual Stretching
The #1 thing you should do every workout!
Want to be able to train long into your life? Want to be able to play with the grandchildren? Forget the trends, get a reality check, and get stretching! Of course you can lift with out stretching first and yes, most do. And if you want to have massive regret as the years pass keep doing what everyone else is doing! This is a must have total body individual stretch workout over approx. 40 mins. It will be the best program you ever did!
Product ID: KSIEVID95IKGTIL    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $47.00 USD   


Lessons for EVERYBODY
Addressing all aspects of training, recovery and health
Description: Lessons for Every Body from a lifetime of training and training elite athletes. 2 hours of paradigm challenging concepts! A live presentation filmed in Melbourne AUS in 2015, pulling no punches, aiming to help you get the most from your training and leave the downsides of training to those less committed to understanding what they are really doing to their bodies.
Product ID: KSIEVID2015L4EB    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $97.00 USD   


Get Buffed! in Dublin 2012
Talking getting bigger, stronger and leaner!
Description: Live seminar from Dublin 2012, teaching the theory and practice of getting buffed! 2 parts, 90 mins.
Product ID: KSIEVID2012GBLID    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $97.00 USD 


Reset Your Life
A holistic guide to healthy living
Twelve (12) thirty minute (30m) webinars sharing Ian King's approach to holistic healthy living. Its a little more to think about than simply eating whole foods. (Total 6 hrs)
Product ID: KSIEVID2013RYL    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $97.00 USD


Thumbnail_0_b3eafbeb_v1What you wish you got told before you got started (on your Get Buffed! journey)
Description: Most go off on a journey of getting bigger, stronger and leaner, without realizing the full impact of what they are doing to their body. At some point in time - usually when pain prevents training - some learn where they went wrong. Here's a chance to do what most don't - find out the fundamentals of longevity in training before it's too late!
Product ID: KSIEVID2013WYW    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $147.00 USD   


Thumbnail_2_589b1c93_v1The Big Lifts Workshop
Learn how to maximize the benefits & minimize the risks!
A five hour live workshop focusing on the flexibility, control drills, squats, bench, dead lift and the snatch. A live workshop filmed in New Zealand on Fri 20 Feb 2015
Product ID: KSIEVID2015BLW    Category: E-Videos
Price:  $147.00 USD


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