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The first Get Buffed!™ product was released in 1999, however the story goes back further than that.  Ian wrote his his guide to getting bigger, stronger and or leaner in 1983, a hand written (before the days of the PC!) document titled bodybuilding programs. Although relatively raw and brief, the organization and analytical thinking were evident in this early publication.

In actual fact, the story goes back a lot further than this, and explained in this interview extract:


T: So when were you first bitten by the weightlifting bug?


Ian: I had a very unusual experience there. There was an islander fellow who....had an interest in bodybuilding, which was very unusual in the late 60's. He was known as the town strongman. He couldn't speak and he couldn't hear. He communicated mainly with sign language. But he was very interested in his body and weight training. I was very impressed with how big and muscular he was so I started training with him when I was seven years old.

-- Shugart, C., 2000, Meet the press: Coach of Coaches – An interview with Ian King

From 1999 Ian began publishing his original training concepts for those pursuing size, strength and leanness in a number of US magazines, both hard copy and internet magazines (the latter being a new breakthrough medium at that time).  The reader response to both the generic programs being provided in the articles as well as the unique and original training concepts was very positive, confirming a definite market interest in at least a book summarizing Ian's unique approach.  Many who were training during the late 1990s and early 2000s will recall fondly some of those programs, such as the "Limping' program - the program that showcased Ian's unique unilateral lower body exercises, that have since been swallowed up and diluted by many including those who rode the 'functional training' trend.

Out of all the incredible coaches that contribute to T-mag, the way I train has been influenced more by Ian King than any other. Sure, I pick up a thing or two from every coach, but Ian has really influenced the way I design training programs for myself and others.
--Shugart, C., 2001, The Ian King Cheat Sheets, Part 1,, 24 August 2001

The Get Buffed!™ series goes beyond sharing Ian's original training innovations - there is a strong intent to teach the reader how to reach wise decisions about their training and recovery programs:


In the original Get Buffed!™ book and in this sequel to the original I provide training programs aimed to help you get bigger, stronger and leaner.  However I also aim do a lot more than that. My goal is much higher, much bigger. I aim to teach you how to think.  How to specifically individualize programs to better suit your needs. How to make your decisions on a daily basis about each step you take in and out of the gym throughout the day and night as it affects the training and recovery process.


I aim to teach you to balance your emotions and logic to achieve the best result possible.  To trust your intuition. To have confidence that you have adequate knowledge to achieve an above average physique.


The Get Buffed!™ series is an extension of our educational philosophy for life – teach people how to fish, rather than simply giving them the fish.


Over time it has become more apparent to me that this is a dying concept. That many simply want the black and white answers, the fish. That there is social conditioning to believe that you don’t have the power, that it is possessed only by a higher power.  To question and disregard as opposed to trust your intuition.

--King, I., 2002, Get Buffed! δ II, p. 3

The Get Buffed!™ has grown extensively since the original Get Buffed!™book. The books are now a four (4) book sequel, the only genuine four book sequel in the history of bodybuilding books.  The books are also supported by a series of DVDs, brining the total number of educational products in the range to almost twenty, with plans for future expansion.

Strength training was changed forever with the release of the training concepts and program design techniques that are included in the Get Buffed!™ books. A number of knock-off publications have been 'written' since, including one which sold for 200% of the price of the original Get Buffed!™ book.  We've lost count of the number of times the Get Buffed!™ programs have been published in various mediums by other 'authors', including one published in a US bodybuilding magazine in 2011 (12 years later) that was so close to the original that very few would have been able to tell them apart.

The great news is you found the source! We trust enjoy the Get Buffed!™ range! It has served so many so extensively during the last decade and a half!

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