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Ian King has gained a great deal of popularity amidst the hard-working and smart-working core of bodybuilders who want a more complete understanding of the "why" and "how come" beneath the surface of muscle building. He gives the student of weight training insight into every practical question he or she would ever ask about getting bigger, stronger and leaner: how to determine the true training effect of working out, how to gauge how long, how often, how many exercises, sets and reps and in what order; training duration, speed and cadence of reps, fatigue and recovery.
Like stacking forty-five pound plates on an Olympic bar, The King goes on and on teaching truths and expelling doubts. "Get Buffed" is a muscle builder's reliable fact reference. 
Dave Draper, The Blond Bomber

While we are on the training topic, my Australian friend Ian King (one of the world’s top trainers) has published his 4th “Seriously Get Buffed” training book. The complete series is phenomenal. Anyone who is looking for more info on training, nutrition and physique improvement should have King’s work.  I asked him to write a little bit of his magic to share with you and this is what he says…
--Sandy Riedinger, Beverly International

You've achieved so much in this industry. You've literally changed the way we all train.  
--King, I., 2000, in Shugart, C., Meet The Press - Coach of coaches: An interview with Ian King, 29 Dec 2000,

There's really no doubt about it. Ian King is the strength coach for the 21st century. In our opinion, the science of getting bigger and stronger can be equally divided into two time periods: Before King and After King. He's that good.
--TC Louma, 2000, in Heavy Metal, A Q and A with the King of Strength Coaches, Ian King,, 7 July 2000.

Ian, I've been doing your one-legged squats and deadlifts and there is only one word to describe the training and the post-training soreness...PAIN! I get sore about 3 hours after doing sets of them and just stay sore. That's novel and exciting. Thanks again!
--John Beradi

Out of all the incredible coaches that contribute to T-mag, the way I train has been influenced more by Ian King than any other. Sure, I pick up a thing or two from every coach, but Ian has really influenced the way I design training programs for myself and others.
--Shugart, C., 2001, The Ian King Cheat Sheets, Part 1,, 24 August 2001

Ian, I want to first say that after lifting for years and bodybuilding competitively before, I thought I new it all. After trying your programs, I am amazed and growing again! At 37, I am having more fun and making better gains than when I was in my twenties! Thank you!
--Bill Compton

I have been through all of your major programs (SS, BOTB, GBIS, Get Buffed) and the results have been phenomenal. Thanks for the time and for your knowledge!
-- Bryce Cunningham, NYC

Coach, I just received your book "Get Buffed". I attended University from 1980 to 1986, received an advanced degree in exercise physiology and was a graduate assistant in the exercise physiology lab. I learned more about training for human performance by reading your book than thru my six years of undergraduate and graduate study! Keep up the great work!
--Larry Linderman

Just wanted to drop a note regarding the new (Get Buffed!) videos. Great job Ian ! I learn more from your teachings in a few hours than I have previously in years time.

Since I am an instructor as well as trainer I can certainly relate to the task of producing such teachings on video. Ian you have a superb way of revealing what is ALREADY within as far as technique and training efficiency. My personal teachings are very much similar to yours and were so before I had ever heard of you. EVEN AT THAT, you've had the greatest impact on my training (both personal and with clients) than anyone else over my 17 years as a trainer and 22 years of training. My implementation of unilateral SLDL and King DL has in itself taken me to a new standard in lower body training.  Continue to keep it pure and simple. God's best to you and family as well as all at King Sports. Looking forward to continued fellowship with you. Let me know if I can be of ANY service to you here in USA. Always train in dynamic faith,

Just wanted to update my progress from the original Get Buffed program! I did tremendously well, breaking my doubles records in all of the focus lifts (bench, Deadlift, Squat, and Chin) I was very impressed. I have started the Get Buffed II workout and I will keep the updates flowing! The final stage I didn't see too much size gain, but the strength increase was noticeable, and it was very cool to do only one main lift for a session, it gave me great focus and a sense of confidence knowing I only had to tackle one task!
Thanks to Coach King and all of his students and especially those who replied on this thread!

I have only positive things to day about your book an its a true masterpiece, its the book I dreamed of! I have followed your work on t-nation and have done all your pre-written programs like limping and super strength which I had excellent results I am a big fan!
-David Roberts, UK

Dear Mr. King, I have been studying as much of your material as I can since I found you on Testosterone Magazines' web site. I am on my 4th book and I have your How to teach strength exercise VHS series. When my son came to me and asked for Christmas present ideas I gave him a list off of your web site. After I opened your new Get Buffed book and the individual stretching tape, my son told me he had tried to contact you relentlessly for a couple of days because he was late in ordering. He said he was amazed and a little embarrassed when you called him personally to assure him his stuff would be shipped. He felt bad that he had bothered you personally for such a small order, though it meant a lot to him and I. I want to thank you for your personal attention, it shows how much you care and believe in your business and your information. I would also like to apologize if my son was overly zealous in his efforts though I assure you is heart was in the right place.
I am starting a private personal training studio and my focus is to continually add knowledge and raise my level of competence resulting in the ability to truly help my clients improve. It is apparent that most
professional strength and conditioning sources rank the majority of personal trainers as useless. I am determined to establish a reputation of being professional and effective. Starting my business at 46 years old without a college degree in the field of exercise, I realize that it is essential to add to the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the years through studying top professionals like yourself. I hope to attend a three day seminar this year and continue to study your books and videos.

-- Bob Caron.

I want to thank you for your insistence on pre-workout stretching. That has resulted in significant improvements in ranges of motion, and a reduction in the number and severity of injuries.
--Dan B.

I'm sure you hear this all the time, but the "Get Buffed" video tapes are fantastic. I feel like I am right there with Ian. I previously went through the "Limping and Upper Body" series as described in Testosterone's web site articles. The "Get Buffed" tapes really help me hone my form, the program's beautiful simplicity, and reinforcement of Ian's principles. Many Thanks!
--Dan S.

Over the past four months since I started following your programs, I've made unbelievable progress. I'm fifteen pounds heavier with a 1.3% reduction in bodyfat. So thanks for your contributions, you're doing great things for the science of "getting buffed!
I started on February 21, 2000 at a weight of 194 lb. On May 22, 2000, I weighed in at 204 lb., a gain of 10 lb. in 13 weeks! (I took a week off after the first six weeks). I'm not saying that the weight gain was entirely muscle, but the majority was. My weight increase was accompanied by an appreciable increase in strength as well. My diet was relatively clean (although on some weekends I let myself go), and I did one or two cardio sessions per week. I estimate it was a gain of about 7 lb. muscle/3 lb. fat. My favorite phase was definitely Phase IV. Seeing all the hard work from the preceding nine weeks come together and setting new PR's each workout tends to be a great motivator. Someday I know that I'll be able to meet and thank you and Mrs. King in person for revolutionizing my training!
--Jason Chong
Your workouts are excellent and you really have given me a fresh perspective of working out again. I am good shape. I played college football, I weigh 218 am 6'1" and have a 8% body fat. In fact I have gained about 5 lbs on your program! Thanks for the impact you are making on my life. 
--Chad Jackson, Houston
Coach King, I'm in stage 2 of the "Get Buffed" program and it's the best program I've been on in twenty years! I wrote you earlier and told you how much I enjoyed your book, but you really have to participate in the program to truly understand your concepts and appreciate the integration of the exercises. Thanks again for your great books and newsletters.
--Larry Lindenman
I am currently going through the Get Buffed book, and am happy to tell you that it is very informative and makes tons of sense. I have worked with a lot of top level athletes, `normal´ recreational types, and senior citizens. The info and your rationale for your methods is very useful at all levels. Thanks!
Please hook me up with the Get Buffed newsletter! Get it up!
--Carson Patterson
The body of knowledge you've provided through these tapes, and the accompanying Get Buffed book is invaluable. Appreciate the clear, straightforward style, and the absence of bells, whistles and BS."
--Dan B

… on Monday, I did my workout (which this phase consists mostly of squats!) and let me tell you squatting your way was different at first and I had to go somewhat lighter but I liked it....until today! MY QUADS ARE KILLING ME!! I can barely walk! It is unbelievable! I think I have fairly decent quad development but I can't help but wonder where I would be if I had learned from you years ago! Thanks for pain - and subsequent growth!
--Matt Slaymaker

I can tell you this - if I had Get Buffed when I had begun training I could've avoided years of 'experimentation'. Get Buffed is the most detailed, helpful, and easy to follow book on the subject of training that I've ever read! I picked it up and immediately started implementing your methods into my training as I read each chapter. Using your training ideas I was able to put on seven pounds of lean muscle after three years of stagnation. That's good stuff!
--Chris Johnson
I got the "Get Buffed" book about two weeks ago and have read it from cover to cover three times. I’m totally speechless. All I can say is that the book is absolutely fantastic!! EVERYTHING in this book makes so much sense that I’m truly impressed!! Thank you Very much and keep up the excellent work! You have made me very happy!
--Antti, Helsinki, Finland
Almost 500 magazines and close to 50 books. This is what I have bought since I was 13 (I am now 28) in a quest to gather all the information (and misinformation) I could on the topics or weight training, body building and power lifting. In four hours (How long it took me to read Get Buffed the first time through) most of the info I had collected was made obsolete. Ian Kings book "Get Buffed" covers every aspect of weight training with easy to follow charts, tables and explanations. Topics that once made no sense to me are now perfectly clear. I will continue to purchase Ian's products until my head explodes. The only negative for the book is that I am so pumped up I can not concentrate on anything but lifting."
--Adam Singer, USA
This text is awesome, your writing style is much easier to comprehend than any strength training material I have ever read. In the past I have found myself dwelling on various passages of text in such publications not being really sure of the authors actual intent (I find that most try & place a vale of secrecy or mysticism over some topics), but in this book you have made everything blend together so logically (I feel I have gained a deeper "real world" knowledge of the subject) and you have not left me guessing.
Once again thanks for the great service. I look forward to receiving more of your material (I must purchase your Stretching tapes), but for now I'm off to study 'Get Buffed'!" Thanks Mate!
--Rick Whitney

Since august I have bought 6 books from you. I love the get buffed books, and I'll be honest reading all the "hype" about the books I wasn't a 100% sure that it would really work, it seemed too good to be true. I have many different bodybuilding/strength training books and a lot of the programs I have tried in the books which were trash. Then I see how many people have been making great gains in your books, I wasn't sure if I could believe everything I was reading about your books, but I did want to try it for myself, and I'm really glad I did. I am surprised with what your get buffed program has done with increasing my strength. I'm happy I have finally have a book that is made for everyone who wants to gain strength ad size. Your books are now what I base my training on and as well as my friends (sometimes my friends ask me to train them or make a program for them). I am extremely pleased with the products I have bought from you. I am very glad I took the time and money to buy your books. Thanks Ian.

I just wanted to thank you for the fast service and great customer service. The book is so much better then I imagined, and want to thank Ian King for creating a great book and to keep up the great work he has been doing. Thanks!

Absolutely great products. By now I have read Get Buffed book like 3 times and still learn something new from it. Get Buffed 2 is also an outstanding product, the chapter on Eating to Get Buffed is a gem. Anyone who is thinking that Ian's products are expensive let me tell you this, it's completely worth every cent. Trust me you will not regret it. You won't find this information on any other book on the market. I have only made one order and I already feel they honestly care about me. I will be placing my next order soon.

Hi Ian. I received the Get Buffed book I ordered on Tuesday. I've read through it and it is fantastic!! Congratulations on a great book, the best I've read so far! 'Get Buffed!', like your other writings, is packed with excellent advice on how to be more successful in weight training.
Vince Zalusky, Winnipeg, Canada
I have 'Get Buffed' and thought it was awesome. Most publications by the current top people in the field today seem like they intentionally leave out certain key concepts when writing their books. You go away after reading their books feeling as if there are still gaps in your knowledge, and that you still didn't get the ' picture' . That was not the feeling I had after reading 'Get Buffed!'.
--Stephen Woodyard, Emergency Room Physician, USA
Ian - Just finished Get Buffed!, and I must say that it is the best bodybuilding book I have ever read, and I've read quite a few. I appreciate you putting info on little discussed topics such as injury prevention and muscle imbalances in, as well. Thanks.
--Scott Hagnas, Camas, WA USA

What a great book. I have read get buffed! twice now and it is a really good source of info. I know I have given you my feedback already but I just wanted to drop a quick line to mention how great it is to have a source of reference on the - 'how to' bit of planning the bigger and smaller bits of strength programs. Thanks again for the great info and products!
Just finished Get Buffed!, and I must say that it is the best bodybuilding book I have ever read, and I've read quite a few. I appreciate you putting info on little discussed topics such as injury prevention and muscle imbalances in, as well. I had shoulder surgery last fall, and my physical therapist wasn't too up to date. I didn't worry too much, as it allowed me to use your info, plus some in "Essentials", to design my own program. The results have been outstanding. ROM and muscle mass are already back about 85%, and I hope to begin introducing neural training next month. (This was done within my doctor's restrictions) The unilateral leg exercises from were great, too, allowing me to continue training legs after the surgery.

..."GET BUFFED' is the most comprehensive book I've read to date - 25 years of training!"

Hey, I really enjoyed reading Get Buffed! I really think what's been holding me back is that I'm over training, and you've convinced me, when in doubt to do less. I also want to thank you for helping me realize I need to do better goal setting and planning. I got your Video and found it helpful. Some exercises, no matter how well you explain them in writing, I still don't fully understand until I actually see them. I'm looking forward to starting the 12 week program you outline in the book next week.

Just returned from three-plus months in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR). Thought I'd pass along my honest thanks to you both since your site/articles went a long way in keeping us entertained, focused, and motivated towards staying in top condition during a particularly difficult time to be separated from our families (you know, the holidays and all). Integrated a number of your programs into our fitness regimen...was a bit of a strange mix...due to "Limping into October," we spent a great deal of time limping across the Balkans. You haven't lived until you experience your leg routine while lugging an M-16/ M-9 and twenty pounds of Kevlar. Pure freakin' bliss! Anyway, you guys have a greater, positive impact than you probably realize. Thanks again for all the help!
--DSC (Capt Douglas Coppinger)

Thanks for the great book Get Buffed! I'm currently reading it for the third time and as you would expect still learning. Have just started on the 12 week program, finding it most painful but at the same time enjoyable. Even after having listened to your views from previous books/courses and reading all your articles, about imbalances and the importance of isolating then working weaknesses rather then strengths, only now am I really starting to understand the do's and don'ts and how evident it may be having experienced it myself through the first couple of weeks of the 12 week program, its great and very interesting. So for this a special thank you it has not only benefited myself but also those that I'm associated with!

After reading your book Get Buffed! and your articles on T-Mag, I am finding myself really getting into your training techniques and philosophies, and wanting to learn more! I have experienced plateau breaking growth and strength gains by following your methods. I hope you continue to publish great material. I just wanted to thank you for all your great work and your ability to communicate it to the "public". Thanks for the knowledge!
--Michael Blaise
I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased Get Buffed! and found it very informative and interesting. It condenses much of what I have read in other sports science texts into straight forward information for the lay person. I have recommended it many times to introductory trainees who thrive on knowledge. Your willingness to give back makes you an asset to your profession. Thank you!

I just received your Get buffed Book. I think it is great. I have packed up all my other lifting books in a closet. I ordered How to write strength programs and as soon as they have them in stock I will have that one also. I intend on slowly (I am a poor college guy) collecting every product you have. Thanks!
--Adam Singer

I've purchased "Get Buffed" a while ago and I'm in the 3rd week of stage one and it kicks ass. Every time I read your book I learn something new. My real question is that I was going to incorporate your chest and back routine from T-mag but, I looked at it and it's very similar to the workout in "Get Buffed" . Do you consider just following the one in "Get Buffed" or use both. Also, I'm a personal trainer with ISSA and I use many of your workout and methods with some of my clients. Thanks for the get info., we need more expertise like yourself. Also, one of my goals in life is to do an internship with you. I tell everyone about you and your website. Take care Ian!
--Ken Poch

I just purchased Get Buffed. What an outstanding book! The book covers every facet of training. It is certainly the best book that I have read regarding strength training. I specifically like the sample routines that are included. Many authors do not include routines which is somewhat frustrating. Congratulations on a find publication. Kind regards!
--Peter Coiante

I have nearly finished 'Get Buffed" and in many ways it has brought my large amount of "jig-saw puzzle" knowledge together!

Mr. Ian King, I have read many of your articles from your website, Tmag and Men's Health. I have also tried your Great Guns routine and loved it. This past year has been a good one for me. I started the year a flabby 180 lb at 5ft 9in, in the worst shape of my life. I always considered myself a healthy person. Through out college I was very active in sports and  socially. But 4yrs after graduating and working a desk job, I found myself in poor physical shape with a lack of energy or desire to socialize and stay active.
Since this year I have managed to drop a net of 10lbs while significantly increasing my LBM.  I have your articles and programs to thank for that as well as a few others. My energy level has shot back up and I'm doing some of the things I used to back in college. I did want to thank you for that. Thanks,

Dear Mr. King, I received your book get buffed for Christmas from my wonderful wife and I have to tell you, it's the most informative training piece I have ever read. You left nothing out and I'll always use it as my workout
encyclopedia. In a time of lots of misinformation you definitely came through
with the best. Sincerely,
--Lou Lopez

After learning about Ian's Super Strength and Limping routines from the Men's Health fitness forum I was blown away by the training knowledge he used to devise his routines.

Ian's approach is so far away from the brainless "3 sets of 10" ideology that I had trained with in the past. After I learned that Ian's Get Buffed book was available, I ordered it, and after reading it from cover-to-cover in one sitting, I can easily say it's the best training book I've ever read.
Even though I've been back at the weights for under a year, my results have been spectacular, and I have much more confidence in my ability to put together a balanced routine. I can't say that I don't get some strange looks with some of the exercises he prescribes, but because I understand exactly why the exercise fits in the routine and how it will help me 'get buffed', I carry on knowing my results will speak for themselves. Thank you for a fantastic book, written for anyone and everyone to understand.

Dear Ian, I would first like to thank you for writing such an excellent book. With Get Buffed I have acquired the knowledge and skills to take my training to the next level, and to gain an impressive 15lbs in 12 weeks in the process.

I just want to say thanks for doing the article in Men's Health . I have been doing it since day one , I feel great and have lost about 30 kilos , I used to weigh about 127 kilos I no weigh about 94 I still want to loose another 10 kilos and buff up more . I have notice that I am getting stronger and buffed more on your program then any other I have taken my brother in law , he was skinny and week and now he's buffed up and put on heaps of muscle ,
Thanks again!

Your book is confirming what my body has been telling me for some time. 1. I need to change my workouts more often. 2. I need to pay more attention to recovery. Thanks again!

I received your book, "Get Buffed", in the mail a few days back and have not been able to put it down. Great info.

I was having low back pain from squatting when I received your books. I tried the leg workout in Get Buffed with the idea that doing the single leg exercises would allow my back to recover while "not losing much strength". I was surprised(!!!) to learn that step ups, split squats and single leg presses were as hard as 10x10 squats with 365!

I also started stretching all the muscles around the hips seriously. It seems obvious that the low back problem was related to pelvic tilt...of course it only seemed obvious after I read about it in the book....
Last week I started squatting again and had only minor issues with my lower back. I am confident that these will go away as my flexibility increases. Thanks again.

Absolutely great products. By now I have read Get Buffed book like 3 times and still learn something new from it. Get Buffed 2 is also an outstanding product, the chapter on Eating to Get Buffed is a gem. Anyone who is thinking that Ian's products are expensive let me tell you this, it's completely worth every cent. Trust me you will not regret it. You won't find this information on any other book on the market. I have only made one order and I already feel they honestly care about me. I will be placing my next order soon.

Hi Mr. King. I love your programs and work. I did "Get Buffed!" years ago and it worked great. I also bought your DVD videos demonstrating exercises.  Now I am using your "Book of Muscle" and just completed all six months of the beginner program. I am ready for the Intermediate program. Thank you for your time, expertise and GREAT products!

Hi Ian, 7 years ago I bought your get buffed books and did the programs in Get Buffed! 1 and 2. When I did these programs I was in the best shape of my life. After that I made a program of my own when I bought the book how to write strength training programs, yet still in great shape and getting stronger.
Then some where along the way I decided to look in to power lifting and began using training recommendations from other sources. I started to get minor injuries and weakness with certain muscle groups. After a year of incorrect lifting and programming with little core work (because the programs said don't worry about it. and I listened?!?!!?!) I herniated my disc.
I look back today at my lifting career and thank you for all your knowledge and for writing the get buffed books. Those books single handedly are the best books on training I have. I thank you for sharing you training ideas, and exercise techniques.
After my injuries I still  use Get Buffed!
1 and how to write strength training programs all the time to stay pain free today.
Thanks for everything you do in strength and condition, I will always reference your work because it is the gold standard, your methods are unrivaled.
Thank you for helping me get back in to exercise pain free and keeping me there.


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