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The KSI Leveraged Income Challenge!

You've heard of 12 week transformation challenges....well this is something different - reflective of our holistic approach to training and coaching, and another industry first...


We've created a 12 week challenge where the winner is the one who created the most profitable and leveraged income...and we've called it the KSI Leveraged Income Challenge.


It's for those that have realized there is more to life than sets and reps, that you can’t trade warm feelings for life necessities, and that there is something missing  If you realize you are in a low income AND time poor industry and want to break the mould, if you love training people but would love even more to be in the position to choose who you worked with, where, when and why… if you know that the few solutions being offered to you to achieve leverage are old world economy solutions, if you value the opportunity to be mentored by those who have achieved what you are looking form – increased income from a leveraged vehicle that you can build part-time... then this challenge could be for you.


And the winner receive $1,000 USD cash in addition to the thousands of dollars worth of coaching and mentoring during the challenge....and beyond.


We are now selecting candidates for Season 3 to commence on Monday 12 October 2015.


Listen to what the previous winners have had to say....


Season 1 Winner, Jon Hazard, LA CA USA



Season 2 Winner, Bruce Millar, Scotland UK




Now it’s your turn. An opportunity that could change your life. And there has never been a better time than now. And there may never be a better one!



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