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Thanks for everything you do in strength and conditioning, I will always reference your work because it is the gold standard, your methods are unrivaled.
--Andrew Connell, USA
I just finished your DVDs and your books, and after working with every known person in this world, your books are the best! I highly recommend them to everybody - every trainer, lifter or athlete should have the collection.
--Eric Serrano, MD
A few weeks ago, several members of the Testosterone crew were sitting around talking shop. The question came up, "What's the most effective type of training you've tried recently?" Much to our surprise, everyone around the table said the same thing: Ian King.   There's really no doubt about it. Ian King is the strength coach for the 21st century. In our opinion, the science of getting bigger and stronger can be equally divided into two time periods: Before King and After King. He's that good.
--TC Louma, in Heavy Metal, A Q and A with the King of Strength Coaches, Ian King (7/7/2000, T-Mag).
What does it really take to become a great strength coach? For the most part it requires two things: a passion for sport and a unquenchable thirst for learning. Ian King has both of those qualities in spades. He began his career as an athlete. Soon, other athletes were coming to him for advice. Not long after he began coaching, other coaches started coming to him to further their education.
The term "strength coach" doesn't completely describe what Ian does. He's a physical preparation expert. Sure, he can take an elite athlete to the top of his game, but he can also help the average guy add an inch to his arm measurements or add 20 quick pounds to his bench press.
And although he refuses to brag about his achievements or count the medals his athletes have brought home from the Olympics, I can tell you he's worked with athletes in over twenty different sports, in more than ten different countries. In fact, he's prepared athletes for every winter and summer Olympic Games since 1988, and every Commonwealth Games since 1984, as well as World Championships and World Cups in numerous sports.
-- Chris Shugart, in Coach of coaches: An interview with Ian King
Ian King is the antithesis of what you may think a strength coach would be. Other than the proper diction of his Australian accent (which made my New York accent seem all that much more abrasive), Ian is not a pundit of any particular method or secret strategy obtained from scientific calculations. He does not claim to be privy to some "perfect rep range" based on an arcane principle known only to East Romanian Olympic gold medalists. Ian's approach to strength training depends on who is being trained and for what purpose. One size does not fit all.
He may not be well known (yet) outside of his homeland of Australia, but what Ian King has to offer, in terms of bodybuilding expertise, is an invaluable import. Ian states his case in an uncharacteristically soft-spoken manner, but he makes his point clear. Ask most any other power lifter to speak about his "stats" and he'll jump at the chance, but Ian thought it gauche to recite numbers or to draw attention to himself, even though he has finished no lower than third place in several national power lifting championships.
At first, I found his reluctance to speak about his accomplishments peculiar, but Ian wasn't trying to be intentionally cryptic. It soon became apparent that he's a humble man and very well aware that his personal accomplishments aren't a factor in how he can help others with their personal strength goals. That alone sets him miles apart from his contemporaries.
To so many of the currently popular exercise "authorities," the line of thinking is, "It worked for me, so it'll work for you." More often than not, it seems as if good portions of these "principles" are little more than a marketable gimmick. You'll get no such spin doctoring from Ian King. No shortcuts here. What you will get is a wealth of knowledge and an extensive understanding of effective exercise techniques that can make that elusive quest for physical progress an obtainable reality.
--Nelson Montana in An Interview With Ian King - The Thunder From Down Under
In sports there are coaches of legendary proportions. In football there is celebrated Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi. In basketball, Pat Riley orchestrated the LA Lakers during their championship years. And in baseball, New York Yankees manager Joe Torre's teams have captured 3 of the last 4 World Series Titles. What makes each of these coaches so unique is that time and time again they have produced results and contended for championships. They were able to motivate and teach their players how to become winners and achieve success.
For nearly two decades when the world's top athletes were searching for the man with the answers in regard to athletic preparation, Ian King is the person they most sought out. King has developed the training programs for hundreds of elite athletes in over 20 sports and from more than 10 countries. King has prepared athletes for every winter and summer Olympic Games since 1988, and every Commonwealth Games since 1984, as well as World Championships and World Cups in numerous sports.
When not instructing athletes on how to reach their maximum physical potential, King is also an educator and contributing writer to a number of magazines to include Men's Health, Mind and Muscle Power, and Testosterone.
--Rob Wilkins, Special Assistant to the International Federation of Bodybuilders, in an Interview With Strength Coach Ian King
I think Charles Poliquin, and possibly more so Ian King, influenced strength coach practices more than any two individuals in S&C.
Contreras, B., 2012, 15 Questions for TC Louma,, 24 Feb 2012
I don't think there is another strength and conditioning coach in the world who has contributed as much to the field and its evolution as you. Most people try to bury their past mistakes, you allow others to learn from them.

Hi Ian. I like very much your work and I think you are one of the best coaches in the world. Man, you know your stuff. Thanks a lot for all your help and your time!

-- Alberto Mendez, Mexico city

Hi Ian, I was talking to my wife and told her I had to email you because you have done so much for me in my life with your Get Buffed programs.  I am very grateful for who you are and your willingness to share your knowledge with everyone who wants to listen. Thanks again!


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