Our intention is to empower athletes, teams, coaches and everyone involved in training to fulfill their potential, achieve their goals, and live a life of purpose.

To achieve this we offer a wide range of opportunities for all these individuals and groups to collaborate with us in pursuit of their own individual goals and dreams.


Our athlete training services span over 30 years, giving us the opportunity to refine and develop the worlds most effective approach to helping athletes fulfill their potential. Our background is in training athletes of both genders, in all sports, at all levels, of all ages, in any country. Our ability to service the global community is enhanced by our international network of coaches, trained to impress you with your own results. If you are truly drawn to excellence and fulfilling your potential, there may be an opportunity for you to partner with us to achieve your training and or competition goals. Ready to explore the possibilities!


Concurrent with our focus on athlete preparation has been our focus on coach education. We have taken what we have learnt from decades of training athletes and taught coaches how to reproduce these same great results with their clients and athletes. The KSI coach education program is committed to providing accessible, holistic and balanced education for physical coaches and sports coaches committed to excellence. Coaches in this program have the opportunity to partner in our mission to give every athlete in the world the opportunity to fulfill their potential through the KSI way of training.


Athletes, coaches and others who share are values in excellence, health and physical performance have the opportunity to partner in the global distribution of our products including our nutritional supplement products.  We develop and produce our products based on the highest standards and in the best interests of the end user.  Being a product partner with us allows you to participate in our industry leading training, and be inspired by working with like-minded people through our global network.  Product partnership not only provides an avenue for additional income generation, it allows you to partner with us to share our message.


Facility owners who totally embrace the KSI way have the opportunity to partner with us in sharing our mission to give every body the opportunity to fulfill their physical potential by operating their training facility as a KSI facility.   This involves a complete embracing of our philosophes of training as well as systems of business, which are aimed at achieved the mutually beneficial goals of serving the clients in their best and highest interests whilst at the same time providing a commercially and lifestyle viable business model for the facility owner.   KSI facilities provide the gold standard in physical training and customer care.

What our Partners say …

Hi Ian, The 1992 Olympic Games – Best shape of my life … Thank you!!

Lisa Curry, AO MBD.
Lisa Curry, AO MBD.Swimmer, 3 x Olympian (1980, 1984, 1992), 3 x Commonwealth Games (1978, 1982 and 1990).

The Legacy course is so far the best investment I’ve made. Realizing finally that having one’s own opinion is not only ok, it’s downright essential!  I keep hearing the words ‘what do YOU think?’ buzzing in my head!

Jason St Clair, UK

The trainings and resources that we receive in our product partnership provides an invaluable platform for not only business development, but personal growth as well.

Uriel Gamez, NV, USA

Thanks for teaching me the skills and attitude to prolong my career!

Leroy Loggins
Leroy LogginsBasketball, 1 x Olympian (1992), 10 x All Star NBL Team, 3 x NBL MVP, 2 x NBL Champion, 1 x NBA Finals MVP.

This course has exceeded my expectations. For a level 1 course itself, I didn’t expect it to have so much information! I have learnt a lot from KSI and there is much more to learn. There are info here you don’t find anywhere else! I definitely recommend this to any fitness enthusiast/coach/trainer of any level!

Carl Chia, Singapore

I’m forever grateful for the personal coaching and business support I receive in the product partnership, which continues to this day. Every aspect of my life is immensely better for it!

Mitchell Kochonda, Gold Coast, Australia
Mitchell Kochonda, Gold Coast, Australia

I have found KSI such a breathe of fresh air, no bullshit, no hype, and coming to my own conclusions. I thank Ian for making this course available to those who hunger for more than counting repetitions and earning a paycheck.

Craig Kilham, New Zealand


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