KSI offers the opportunity for facility owners or those looking to open a training facility to partner with us, using our training and business systems to run their training facilities.

This is a unique and rare opportunity limited to appropriately qualified operators, giving you the opportunity to partner with KSI to share the vision of providing the best way for every body to train.  Our approach is unique within the industry, placing principles before profit. Our goal is not to be the biggest, our goal is to be the best we can be, to help others be the best they can be.

The KSI WAY is a way of training based on the four decades of training innovations led by KSI founder Ian King.  This approach to training and competition was developed, tested and confirmed in the most demanding and highest level training and competitions available globally including Olympic Games (Summer and Winter) and proven also to be the most effective approach for all physical pursuits, not just for athletes.

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What our Partners say …

I have had over a dozen different trainers in my career. Ian King ‘The Master’ was the only one that put his athletes optimal preparation first. This more often meant quality and not quantity. Ian’s scientific research and credibility, combined with his high-standards and peer credibility commands his address as ‘The Master’.

Andrew (Ox) Heath, rugby player, Australian Wallaby (8 caps), Qld Red, NSW Waratah

Thank you for getting back to me. I continue to be amazed and pleased with the amount of personal correspondence you give to people, it really underlines what I said in my feedback about how you have a real commitment to success, both personal and in terms of your clients and people like me.

Thank you again and YES!! I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend your services and products to ANYONE!! Thank you again!


The KSI material really has left me dumbfounded! I watched the partner stretching on the Flexibliity DVD and actually said to myself out loud ‘that’s why the athletes call him the master’!.  I have never been exposed to anything remotely like this content! Thanks again for all your tireless efforts!


Also I would like to congratulate Mr. King for the great work he is doing. I think he’s the best coach an atlhete could have and he’s been doing a lot, with his books and articles, even for “common people” (you know what I mean…sob!) like me. Keep it up!

Stefano Rigo

I don’t think there is another strength and conditioning coach in the world who has contributed as much to the field and its evolution as you. Most people

try to bury their past mistakes, you allow others to learn from them.

Rob Monti

Ian, I have applied your methods for three years to my clients and have experienced greater and faster results than anything my $150 textbooks even began to approach.  Keep doing what your doing and don’t conform to any mold or ideal that promises more money or fame.  This is what sets you apart.  God bless you!

Jimi Varner


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