After nearly two decades of search and review, KSI identified a nutritional supplement company and product that shared it’s values in integrity and excellence.

Following a two year trial in the late 1990s, where the products were used by athletes at the highest level – including but not limited to Winter and Summer Olympics, World Cups and World Championships  – KSI selected this product range as its preferred partner in nutritional supplements.

KSI partners with selected individuals, coaches, allied professionals, and training facilities to distribute this product range globally. In addition to opportunity to use the same products recommended and used by KSI athletes and coaches globally, our product partners have the unique opportunity to receive industry leading on-going business support, coaching and mentoring.

Not only is this level of business coaching and support virtually unheard of elsewhere, this business partnership also offers stability and longevity. Our international product distribution is heading towards 20 years of continuity, allowing our business partners who share our long-term vision to a greater financial legacy than simply retail margins.

Just like KSI, we are building a legacy business with our product partners, and have visions of multiple generation partnerships.

If you are drawn developing an additional income stream, share our vision for integrity and excellence, value the opportunity to receive ongoing business support from us, we invite you to reach out and commence a dialogue of the possibilities of collaborating with us in this area.

To commence the pre-qualification process we invite individuals, coaches, allied professionals, facility operators and prospective operators to complete the form below.

ARE YOU Committed to excellence? Driven to partner with KSI?

Touch base with us via the below forms and lets consider the possibilities of collaborating.

What our Product Partners say …

The trainings and resources that we receive in our product partnership provides an invaluable platform for not only business development, but personal growth as well.

Uriel Gamez, IT industry, NV, USA

I wanted to express our gratitude, so far we have been on an exciting whirl-wind meeting extraordinary, driven business minds and the support has been amazing! What a team to be part of!

Shannon Short, Exercise Physiologist, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

The training and support is phenomenal. I’ve had access to their expertise every step of the way. From local training and support to online connection nationally and internationally, this team is not just a team, it’s a family. Their guidance has been unlike anything I’ve ever received elsewhere in my life.

Jema Krause, Nutrition Educator & Coach, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

What I have learnt on over the past year, I will forever be grateful for. My life changed not just as a person, but as a mother, a wife and business women! Every day there are new possibilities and new doors opening and I look forward to continued growth on this life long journey!

Tanya Dobbin, Lifestyle Coach, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

The only way to know what’s possible is to try

David Cerpentier, Physical Preparation Coach & Personal Trainer, Belgium

I’m forever grateful for the personal coaching and business support I receive in the product partnership, which continues to this day. Every aspect of my life is immensely better for it!

Mitchell Kochonda, Gold Coast, Australia

One great message to me…We are here to “help” whether it is for an elite athlete or an ordinary person with no athletic built-ins. I love how Ian & Teresa grew the business by helping others. Thank you for lighting the torch!

Sheila Dino, Australia


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