Ian King and KSI have four decades of providing coach education.

Building on from our coach education experience from the 1980s and 1990s, in 1999 we introduced the concept of ‘Boot Camps’ as physical preparation professional development opportunities to the industry, and in 2003 we introduced the ‘Mentoring’ concept to the industry.  In a crowded market KSI continues to lead the way in coach education, offering long term coach development based exclusively on original concepts and innovations.

Our mission is to provide accessible, holistic and balanced coach education in the absence of cultural, political and commercial bias. Our coach education material is completely original, based on the training innovations developed by KSI founder Ian King and tested and proven at all levels of sports and physical pursuits, not just athletes.

KSI coaches have the opportunity to partner with us in sharing our vision with the world – that everybody deserves the opportunity to fulfill their physical potential, in the absence of injuries.

Our vision is that KSI coaches will raise their competence endlessly, resulting in never-ending ability to raise their earning capacity, select their clients, work the hours and in the location of their choice, and be guided in developing all aspects of their life in a holistic way – personally, financially, in business and spiritually.


The Legacy Level is an electronically delivered course accessible to all irrespective of where you live in the world.  This course includes over 30 units and is typically completed in about three to six (3-6) months.

The Foundations Level is also an electronically delivered course accessible to all irrespective of where they live in the world, with the only prerequisite being successful completion if Level 1.  Level 2 is typically completed in three to six (3-6) months.

The Art of Coaching Level is the first level at which coaches are required to travel to complete the three day course.  Level 3 is also the first level at which the focus shifts from traditional left-brain learning to the application or ‘art’ of coaching.  Level 3 is a truly life-changing experience rarely available in the world, as a result of the unique and highly effective way we provide coaching experience and feedback.  The KSI Level 3 course is available to all graduates of KSI Level 2.

The Residential Coaching Program Level is also a live in two day program requiring travel to a central location, typically Park City, UT USA.  The course is also practical based and encompasses the art of training program design also.  There are no professional development equivalents to what is offered at this level. Coaches leave this course with a whole new perspective on the art of program design.  The KSI Level 4 course is available to all graduates of KSI Level 3.

The Coach Intern Program Level is a one year commitment with the coach based in their home town and traveling to a central location for  a minimum of one five (5) day camp during the year.   Entry to Level 5 is requires successful completion of KSI Level 4 and successful application.

Level 5 KSI Coaches and above are also involved in teaching and mentoring coaches in lower levels, allowing learning through teaching.

The Coach Mentoring Program Level is a multi-year commitment with the coach based in their home town and traveling to a central location for a number of multi-day camps during each year.  Acceptance to Level 5 is on an application basis. Entry to Level 6 is requires successful completion of KSI Level 5 and successful application.

The Graduate Coaching Program Level is the highest coaching level occupied by coaches with a life long commitment to being the best they can be through the KSI Coaching Program.

Coaches in the KSI Coaching Program also receive a wide range of in-depth additional resources exclusively available to them only, with level of access being dependent on their level in the program.   More content is available in this exclusive restricted access program than is available for purchase or in public domain.  Until a physical coach reaches the higher levels of the KSI Coaching program they are really only scratching the surface.

In the KSI Level 1 we start out sharing information – which is what most do (the difference being our material is ours, its original!).  The content in Level 1 and 2 will pleasantly surprise you as you finally learn from the source.  However as you move through the levels the KSI difference will become even more apparent, especially from Level 3 upwards.  The lower levels meet the needs of the average ‘information collector’, the dominant paradigm of ‘success’ in our industry. The higher levels of the KSI Coaching Program offer an opportunity for mastery, a journey we endorse.

Ready to get started in the KSI Level 1 Coach Education program?

We offer a 3 day 100% refund guarantee on the Level 1, allowing you a no-risk start to experiencing the KSI Coaching Program.

What our Coaches have to say …

What a valuable learning experience the legacy course has been! I’ll be revisiting this content for a while yet to begin to truly internalize and maximize the return and leverage of the material. In respect to all of your years of lessons learnt in Physical Development you provide with this course, it would be my loss if not attempting to achieve a higher level of awareness/appreciation of this work. As always with KSI, the integrity, gratitude, consistency, holism and innovation always shines through. Thanks again for all your help.

Anthony Ivanov, SA, Australia

You call this an entry-level course into KSI which just blows me away. Having been around and exposed to many of the top gurus because of my job, I find your entry level course is so much more comprehensive that it would be like comparing grade school to pursuing ones’ PHD. Thank you for your willingness to openly share so much real world information with those open to learn. I enjoyed the course and each unit felt like a teaser to the next leaving me wanting more at the conclusion.

Joey Williams, CA, USA

This course has exceeded my expectations. For a level 1 course itself, I didn’t expect it to have so much information and that’s 30+ units of it! While I am familiar with some of the information (having gone through level 2 and 3), there were stuff that were new to me and certainly opened up my mind. I have learnt a lot from KSI and there is much more to learn. There are info here you don’t find anywhere else (unless being copied by someone else!) I definitely recommend this to any fitness enthusiast/coach/trainer of any level just for itself and also as a prerequisite for level 2.

Carl Chia, Singapore

Outstanding course. I enjoyed seeing the development of the program units along with the forum interaction. Again, education material like no other. I truly appreciate your contributions to this industry that reach far beyond it.

Ryan Sleight, ON, Canada

I always enjoy learning from highly accomplished coaches and with your 30+ years of training at the elite level, I can’t think of anyone who can better teach it. You shared many powerful ideas in a way that just “made sense.” I seemed to pick up new nuggets of wisdom with each re-read of a given unit. Everything about this course was 1st class. I’m grateful for the amount of effort you put into designing the course and tweaking the course as the units progressed (based off feedback) such that it best served those of us learning from it.

Sean Casey, WI, USA

The Legacy Course, it really is thee best course I have seen to date! The material is getting really good!  All the material covered makes sense!!!  I also appreciate that the manner in which it is written in is simple for the common folk to be able to understand, not too wordy or full of scientific terms. I look forward to taking the next step soon with the Foundations Course since I am eager to get a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Carlos Delacruz, CA, USA


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