What guarantee do you offer on your products?

Our goal is to have totally excited clients! We want every person who invest in our products and services to obtain the benefit that we believe we put into them. We understand however that we cannot please everyone.

If, upon receiving your products, they don’t meet your expectations, we ask that you:

Refund Policy

  1. Contact us at orders@kingsports.netwithin 48hrs of receiving the products and tell us of your concerns and what you would like to see happen. If you don’t receive a response within 48 hrs call and leave a message.
  2. If the products is damaged upon arrival, we ask that you inform us of this within 48hrs of receiving it.  We will replace any products that you received damaged, upon being notified of this within 48hrs of receiving, and upon receiving the damaged product back in the mail at the address we instruct.
  3. Keeping in mind we run an international business, we will give you an appropriate shipping address when you contact us with your concerns, so that they are shipped to the right location for repair or replacement. This reduces the risk of the return product experiencing extra wear by shipping the nearest KSI center.
  4. If the goods are not damaged or defective, and you have notified us within 48 hrs of receiving them that they have not met your expectations, we will again give you a shipping address to return them to when you communicate your concerns to us prior to returning.
  5. Once the products are received back in as-new, re-sellable condition, within 30 days, we will refund your money minus shipping, with the exception of electronically delivered products, videos/DVDs or audio programs.
  6. The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs both ways.
  7. The buyer is responsible for any import or customs duties applied by your country.
  8. In the case of an electronically forwarded product, we do not offer refunds. If the file is defective we will replace it.
  9. In the case of an audio or video/DVD program, due to the risks of damage from return shipping/poor repacking, and the potential for unauthorized copying, we limit our refund to a maximum of $100 per person.
  10. Note we take special measures to ensure the products arrive at you in top-notch condition. If you re-pack the product to ship it back, you need to pack and ship in a manner that will result in it being received back to our office in a re-sellable condition. If the product is received back in anything less than a re-sellable condition, we reserve the right not to issue the refund.
  11. The refund will be arranged after the above are confirmed.
  12. We reserve the right to provide you subsequent products or services.

Why are the postage costs higher than I am used to?

We are shipping all our products from Australia. Most of the purchases you would make, say if you were living in America, would be from an American supplier shipping from within America.  We have arranged great rates with all our shipping suppliers, due to the size and age of our account. Some don’t believe us and seek to get better quotes. Good luck. We have seen some of the biggest companies in this industry in America come back to us and say ‘Looks like we can’t beat your shipping rates’, even though they had bigger accounts with their US shipping suppliers.

Is KSI making money on postage?

No. We seek to charge our clients what it costs us to ship. Sometimes we lose a bit, sometimes we gain a bit. It is not our goal to make a mark-up on postage.

What are my main postage options?

We have two main postage options – Fed Ex or Air Mail.  Unlike shipping domestically within the US, shipping internationally from Australia has less options.

How long will my order take to arrive?

That depends on which option you selected and where you live. For example, if you live on the West Coast of the US, and selected Air Mail, you can expect it to arrive in 10-14 working days (2-3 wks). Anything faster is a bonus. If you live on the North-East Coast of the US, you should allow 15-20 working days (3-4 wks). Again, anything faster is a bonus.

Now if you order Fed Ex, no matter where you are in the world, you should have your order within 2-4 workings days from when we ship it.

Which method costs more to ship?

Fed Ex of course. But if you have an urgent situation or you don’t want to risk it, we recommend this service for obvious reasons.

Is there a tracking number for my order?

Only if you ship by Fed Ex. Air Mail does not offer any tracking system.

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

If you don’t receive your item within the time frame outlined let us know and we will monitor the situation. If it doesn’t get to you, it should make it’s way back to us, unless it has been lost and stolen in the mail (and the likelihood of that is dependant on the county you live in).  If you ordered accurately, appropriately and correctly we will replace your items at our expense, but will probably seek you to upgrade the shipping option if you didn’t use Fed Ex, and may require a different, more secure address.

If I want my order fast and guaranteed to arrive, which option should I choose?

Select Fed Ex as your shipping method!

Who is responsible for paying any import and or custom duties that may apply to my order upon arrival into my country?

You are. The buyer is responsible for any import or customs duties applicable and imposed by your country. We will record the contents of your package accurately and honestly, and it is your responsibility to make any payments for customs or import duties, or to negotiate these with your customs and import departments.

What is your policy on my happiness?

We advocate for a happiness centered business and life.  We are big believers in the power of our products and services. Therefore our goal is to have raving fans. In our minds its not good enough for you to ‘okay’ about the products and services we offer. Therefore if you are anything less than happy, talk to us. Email us at feedback@kingsports.net. We will do what we can to fix it.  If that means refunding you, we will do that.

In fact, if we feel we cannot make you happy about doing business with us, or if we find you are simply an unhappy person, we really want to give you your money back and help you move on to find someone who may be able to help you find happiness.

We also reserve our right to no longer sell any product or service to those who have displayed their unhappiness in a way or at a level that we don’t want to do business with you. So once we refund you based on your unhappiness, please don’t assume you will be doing business with us again.  We really only want to do business with happy people, and understand that what we offer is not for everyone, and in some cases there will be nothing we can do to create happiness for some.